Spartan Truck SPT 40 Pup Trailer
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SRO 60 Roll-Off Truck


SPT 40 Pup Trailer

In today's environment of high and unpredictable fuel costs, high worker's compensation insurance rates and high labor costs, Spartan's SPT 40 pup trailer is an excellent way to double your hauling capacity at 1/3 the cost of another truck. Both the container on the truck and the container on the trailer can be loaded and uloaded without the necessity to unhitch the SPT40 trailer. The unloading time for this combination is exceptionally efficient.

Spartan Truck Features
• Controls located both on the trailer and in the truck
• High strength steel rail tubes
• High strength steel alloy rollers
• Load, unload & dump without disconnecting the trailer

Spartan Truck Optionsef
• AutomaticTarp system
• Full polyurethane fenders
• Hydralic Landing Gear


SPT 40 Pup Trailer Photos

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